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September, 2017
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№ 1, 2017
Lina V. Gayvoronskaya,
Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL)
Contacts: Sadovaja-Kudrinskaja ul., d. 9, Moscow, Russia, 123995
E-mail: linok543@mail.ru
UDC: 343.114
Annotation: Author researches the terminology, describing the appeal proceedings, and it`s meaning. He analyzes systemically terms: the subject of appeal verification, the subject of appeal proceeding and the subject of control.
Keywords: the subject of appeal proceeding, the subject of appeal verification, the subject of control
Publication date: 30.09.2017
Publication on site date: 20.03.2018
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Bibliographic link to this article: Gayvoronskaya LV. Subject of appeal verification in criminal proceeding. Modern science. 2017;8(1-3):43-5. DOI: 10.24411/2079-4401-2017-10008.

Лицензия Creative Commons
This work is available under the Creative Commons "Attribution" 4.0 license.

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